Day Tours

Rio Negro

If you want and need to have an adventure in the middle of the Amazon rainforest and have few days to do tourism in the Amazon?

Do not worry, the Amazon Tarzan can take you to the Black River, to the Anavilhanas Archipelago to know a little of Amazonian wonders.

See below for 2 days.

Dolphin Tour

9:00 Boat tour to the meeting of the waters, where the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões float over miles next without mixing.

11: 00 Jungle walk with observation of giant waterlilies, caimans and huge Samauma tree.

13:00 Lunch.

14:00 Boat tour to Tupe Beach and appresentation of Indigineous ritual.

15:00 Swimming with pink river dolphins.

16:00 Returning to Manaus.

17:00 arriving in Manaus.

Caiman Tour (2 dias – 1 noite)

Day 1:

Leaving the Hotel at 8:00 am to CEASA Market/PORT, where you have opportunity to see the fish Market with different types of fish and will pick our speed boat go to where you will see a huge the magnificent MEETING OF THE WATER’S the junction of the two Rivers of Amazon (Negro river and Solimões river) and picking up the explanation of the guide on Manaus and to reach the meeting of the water.

So we will continue to the road where we will spend the Rio Negro bridge to destination in the lodge where we will make our activities during for 2 days and 1 night.

12:30pm : Have lunch at the Lodge

14:30pm : We will continue the active, canoeing in the channel and flooded forest for observation of birds, monkey and animals, piranha fishing and sunset watching, then we return to the Lodge for dinner.

19:30 : We have the dinner, after dinner we will leave by boat to do alligator spotting at night, after this we go return to sleep.

Day 2:

Wake up earlier, 5:30am for to see the sunrise

7:30am: Breakfast.

8:00am: We will walk in the Jungle, where you have the opportunity to learn about wildlife and the techniques of survival in the jungle and also about the world of insects.

10:00am: swim with pink dolphins and see the largest freshwater fish(Arapaimafish).

12:30pm: have lunch at the lodge.